Toppers Volleyball Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tryout should my daughter attend?
Tryouts are Sunday, November 25, 2018 and Sunday, December 2, 2018. Athletes will be separated into groups based on what year the athlete was born.
Here is the complete list of times:
Year Born                Tryout Time                     Location
2000-2002               9:00am-10:30am              CPAC
2005                        10:00am-12:00pm            Red Gym
2003                        12:00pm-1:30pm              CPAC
2006 or later            1:00pm-3:00pm               Red Gym
2004                        2:00pm-3:30pm                CPAC

If your daughter is born after September 1, she should still attend the tryout for the year she was born (unless other arrangements have been made with the club).

What do you need to bring to tryouts?
*$10 cash tryout fee (keep this separate from registration fee!)
* court shoes
* gym wear
* water bottle
* a photocopy of your health card (proof of age required for Provincials)
* registration form (ensure the parent has signed the form!)
* for 14U-18U athletes, $550 registration fee (payable to PA TOPPERS)
* for 13U athletes, $450 registration fee (payable to PA TOPPERS)

When do registration fees have to be paid?
The registration fee is due when you register your child at the first tryout. If fees are not paid at the first tryout, we will let your child in the gym for the first tryout, however if fees have not been paid by the second tryout, your child will not be allowed in the gym. If you have applied for funding through KidSport or JumpStart and the funding is not yet in place, please bring verification of your application (email, letter, etc.).

How do I apply for funding (KidSport/JumpStart)?
Please visit our tryouts page for information and links to the application forms.

What does my child's registration fee include?
 * Volleyball Canada/Sask Volleyball affiliation fee
 * player injury insurance
 * one long sleeve team jersey to keep
 * tournament entry fees to one home tournament
 * tournament entry fees for two Sask Cups if your child is 13U
 * tournament entry fees for three Sask Cups if your child is 14U-18U
 * tournament entry fees to Provincials
 * medical supplies
 * coaches travel expenses
 * portion of beach membership

My child plays other sports, is that okay?
We encourage athletes to enjoy mulitple sports while they are playing club volleyball with Toppers. Coaches will try to plan practices around their team, in some cases athletes may be required to miss a practice for one of their sports because of an overlap. Please ensure you include all of your daughter's other activities on the registration form, the coaches rely on this information when selecting their team and determining practice days/times.

How long is the season?
Teams usually start practicing at the beginning of January until after Provincials (April or May) or after Nationals (May) if your daughter's team decides to attend.

How often are practices and what nights of the week?
Teams usually practice twice per week. Practice days/times will not be determined until after teams have been selected.

When are tournaments?
The list of tournaments for the 2019 season is available here.

Besides the registration fee, are there additional costs?
Yes, additional fees will vary as determined by the coach and parents at the first team meeting and will cover costs such as warm up clothing and additional tournament entry fee (for tournaments not already covered by the registration fee).

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are not provided once teams are selected.

I want to become a coach, what do I do?
Please fill out a coaching application form available here and send to Toppers Volleyball

For any other information, contact Toppers Volleyball